Landscaping and Ground Works

Over 18 years of experience

Gary Low - GL Landscaping and Ground Works

Welcome to Gary Low Landscaping and Ground-works.

I served my time as a hard landscaper with a local Montrose landscaping company, spending over 18 years covering most aspects of hard landscaping. After that I specialised in and furthered my career as a ground-worker spending 7 years with a few different ground work companies. Since then I have decided to start up my own hard landscaping business.

Professional Quotations and Advice

I have been self employed for over 10 years now, offering professional quotations and advice to all my customers, on all types of landscaping and ground work projects. With my knowledge and experience of landscaping and ground works I can assure you that the work I do will meet all your requirements and is fully guaranteed.

Garden Design and Makeover

You’ll be amazed at how your home or business can benefit from an imaginative makeover, whether you’re looking to transform a well worn driveway, patio, path, wall, fence or lawn I can provide the perfect answer.

Garden Maintenance - Winter and Spring

We are now offering our services to maintain your garden and landscaped areas around your proterty. Most people forget to prepare their landscaped and garden areas for the harsh winter ahead which gives them a better start when the spring arrives again. By perparing and protecting your garden and landscape areas can save you money and time. Get in touch today to find out how we can look after and maintain your landscaped and garden areas around your properties.